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Fresh from the blast furnace, here’s the newest track from FuZZrd. You don’t need to crank the volume to the max…but you’ll sure be glad if you do.

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Viral Connection

Artist: FuZZrd
Label: FuZZrd
Release Date: 23-4-2021
Genre: Rock

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About Album

Minneapolis rock band FuZZrd presents the second single from the band’s debut studio album, featuring a very special guest appearance by Mark Slaughter.

The ominous intro guitar riff sets the stage for pounding, hypnotic grooves and evil genius lyrics. If you’re a guitar fan, this is the song for you. You’ll love the high gain modern rock guitar sounds complete with harmony guitar solos.

The track is uplifting yet heavy, which is kinda what FuZZrd is all about: darkness and light, and the haunted place in between.